Thursday, May 17, 2007

I've been tagged!

<---my buddy, Tiffany, and my cat, Chi-Chi (0ne of 3)

Staci tagged me. That means I have to write down 7 random things that aren't know much about me. This should be entertaining...

1. When I'm really nervous, I have a bad tendency to hyperventilate, as I discovered last year (9th grade) during a math test for a thing in Algebra 1 I had little clue about. Apparently, it really just never sunk in. I'll never know how my teacher, sitting right behind me, didn't hear me gasping for air. I thought for sure I was going to pass out and I kept thinking: thank God, if I pass out, I'll just hit carpet (which had concrete underneath it, but hey) as opposed to another desk or the cabinets. Some how I made it through that test. I called my mom right after that class to go home because I felt like I was going to puke from lack of oxygen. Here's the funny part: I made a 98 on that test. Best grade I ever made in 9th grade math.

2. I'm large-group-of-people phobic. Unless it's a concert. Heck if I know why that's an exception. But people, particularly large groups of people I'm not familiar with, and sometimes if it's a really large group, even people I know, they just grate on me and like suck all the energy out of me. My therapist says that, because I'm an introvert, I get my energy from solitude...and being with people is what takes that energy away. So...I tend also tend to hyperventilate or, as happened at school in...January...I think it was, break down. Nausea usually accompanies as well. Large groups just wear away at my mental defenses (every one has them...) and that, in turn, makes me more susceptible to illness and exhaustion. Hence the reason why Britt was in favor of my home-schooling as long as I still have social interaction, friends, etc. a.k.a. not isolating myself. I still need people...just not tons of them at once. And I've been tons healthier since leaving traditional school.

3. I have a knack for foreign languages. Except for Spanish. It forever eludes me. Which is strange because I was an A student in Latin. Anyway. I've taken a year of Spanish once a week because my elementary school, my 8th grade year, made us. I couldn't understand the teacher at all. She was 3 years out of Peru. :| I've taken 2.5 semesters, once a week, of Chinese language and culture studies at our local community school of the art with a native of Hong Kong who was fluent in English, Mandarin, and French. She teaches French full time at some elementary school in the area. I took a year of Latin in 9th grade on an A/B day schedule. It was my 3rd period. I loved that class soooo much. I also known some basic French and Japanese, either from learning it from friends/family or anime.

4. I write poetry and lyrics. It's how I get my feelings out. If it's on paper, it's not inside to eat away at me. Simple enough reason, ne? I'd love to start a band. That's been a dream of mine since I was like 6. To be a lead singer..and as I got older, lyricist in a band. I can't compose for squat though. So if you can compose, contact me! I'll send you some of my stuff to play with.

5. I live for impact. I love shocking people. And in Arkansas, it is soooo easy to do. I dress how I like and if it shocks people, I love it. No bigger thrill. I'm also really hyper and random. For example: I will randomly burst out into singing Queen. Or Joy Division. I also randomly start jumping up and down like crazy. It's too much fun. People seem to think it's strange though. I'm a 16 year old girl, with 7 piercings and dyed hair wearing either Chuck Taylors or Vans or Unionbay (random I know) shoes, and they think it's strange. Why, people, why? Growing up is optional. Live a little.

6. I don't ever plan on having biological children, whether I can or I can't. I want to adopt. End of story. All that 'A Baby Story' and Discovery Channel growing up ruined me for life on the labor front. I love kids...I just don't want any coming out of me.

7. I live for music. Take my iPod away from me and you put yourself at high risk for pain. I break down crying if something happens to it. Last year, our computer crashed and, in trying to charge its battery on another computer, I deleted everything off of it. Thank God the computer guy was able to save my music off of the computer. It wasn't corrupted. I'm serious though, I broke down crying. You would've thought some one had died... Thanks, John the Computer Guy on 2nd and Chester!

Okay, my turn to tag...I tag Charlotte, even though I know it'll be a while, Mom, when she finally gets her blog up and going, and Paula.

I've decided to also make this post a 'random-things-you-may-or-may-not-know-about-me' post. So here I go!

-My recent musical obsessions are A.F.I. , Panic! At The Disco, and The Spill Canvas.
-I have 3 cats: Chen Le (3 y/o), Elspeth-called Elsie(6 months), and her sister, Chidori-called Chi-Chi.
-I am currently attempted to become a vegetarian due to the benefits it has in counteracting or preventing many things in my family history. I've been meatless for 9 days. :)
-I have an addiction to piercings and as soon as I'm 18, I hope to add tattoos to that.
-My biggest dream in life is to be in a band. I love performing.
-I have had so many different hobbies it's not even funny: gymnastics, soccer, taekwondo, basketball, cheerleading (for all of 2 weeks), guitar, piano, choir, ballet, Irish dance, horseback riding, barrel racing, volleyball...I'm one of those people that it's almost like-you've done everything.
-I honestly think I have ADHD and my therapist has never denied it when I've said I'm pretty sure I'm OCD.
-My ideal guy would be skinny, kinda lanky, but still strong, kinda feminine or at least pretty, and would wear eyeliner. Yeah, I pretty much want an emo boy. Give me the guys who will steal not only my make-up, but my pants!
-I'm 5'1", maybe 1.5" tops.
-I'm lactose intolerant.
-I love me some plain Silk soy milk. The vanilla is gross.
-My favorite candy bar is Hershey's Cookies and Creme...oh my God, it's good.
-It's been years since I last wished I was taller just because...not because I couldn't reach something, because even someone's who's 5' 6" wishes they were taller when they can't reach something.
-I get mad when people check the mail instead of me.
-I love manga and anime. :)
-I can speak the basics of Chinese and read the basics of Latin.
-My favorite stuffed animal right now is a fox with a Winchester 357 Mag bullet necklace that I bought around it's neck. Kyuubi is going to China. Bullet is staying home.
-I've always wanted to travel the world. I hate staying in one place all the time. I'm not a home-body in the least. China's a good start, I'd say.
-My favorite colors are black, red, blue, purple, and silver.
-For 4 years the only shoes I would be caught dead in on a daily basis was Chuck Taylors-the real ones, not the Wal-Mart brand, have some dignity here- or Vans. That changed about a month and a half ago when I found a pair of Vans-style Unionbay slip-ons with a Chinese dragon and an excellent looking drawing of a skull on them. Those sneakers were MINE and I now say I only wear Chucks, Vans, and Unionbay sneakers.
-I only buy SO brand jeans from Kohl's. The short sizes are still too long, not matter how small I get. I'm at a 5 now and they're no shorter than the 7s. Grr...
-The only skirts I actually wear are a Candie's brand and TRIPP brand, I believe.
-I have a birthmark in between my eyes and I don't see how people don't notice it.
-I have a penguin air humidifier I very rarely use.
-The only scent of body wash I buy is Bath & Body Works Cherry Blossom. Japanese Cherry Blossom also smells nice, but I've never bought it. Anything outside those two scents and I probably won't use it.
-I've been dying my hair black for 3.5 years now. I've been using dyes on it for 4. It's none the worse for wear.
-I only own 4 colors of nail polish: black, black cherry, a shimmery translucent purple, and a pretty much transparent blue.
-I love vampires.
-I have days where I don't care enough...but it's actually pretty rare that you'll catch me without my eyeliner. Until I left school, none of my friends had ever seen me without it.
-I dig freezers with dead bodies in them. LOL. Kidding. It was pretty cool though. One of my good friends is a mortician at a university gross lab. I got the tour. It was awesome.
-I can play some guitar and keyboard.
-I can't draw realistically for squat.
-I love the Nightmare Before Christmas. Most awesome movie ever.
-I have 7 piercings (2 in each lobe, one in each cartilage, and a naval) but I've been pierced 11 times.
-Yes, my eye color is natural. No, I don't wear color contacts. I do wear contacts though.
-I have 4 siblings, 5 counting Reese.



Yes, Minister... said...

Thanks you for posting a comment on our blog.

God crosses paths for a reason, and I will do my best to type this as my eye are full of tears after reading you blog.

First, if my addition is correct, you will be leaving for China on the same day we did, one year ago! I will be praying for travling mercies as you fly to China, and that you sleep :D

Reese is BEAUTIFUL! What a smile and big BEAUTIFUL eyes she has. When is her birthday? LiLi's birthday is Jan 20, 2005, but both our doctor and dentist believe that she is a late November 2004 baby. That would make her about the same age as Reese!

If you don't mind my asking, what part of the country do you reside in? We are in Georgia. There are a couple of thing that I would love to share with you and your parents regarding LiLi's treatment and her PWS has already reduced about 20%. We still have a long way to go. As you read on our blog, we have a wonderful PS and he does many SN children from Asia.

You can e-mail me, my e-mail is in my blog profile.

Ladybug hugs,

Yes, Minister... said...

Oh, I forgot, you'll find our story under LiLi's blog which is in the sidebar with the heading My Children's Blog's. March 2006 archives is where you will read about LiLi PWS - if you are interested. It is a testement to the things God can do if you trust in Him.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe you are turning a precious site into something about you! I pray your sister grows up a normal girl!

Sarah Lu's Jie Jie said...

Hey Monica! Thanks for participating! I'm homeschooled too :)

Meg said...

Monica, I had to laugh at the thing you said about the Baby Story on TLC. Haha. I watched that show all the time when I was younger and was scarred. I want to adopt all my children anyway, but this just helped reinforce that for me. lol.

Monica said...

Dear Anon,

I hate to be rude, but quite frankly, right now, there isn't much to write about the adoption. Give me another 6 days and I'll be in China.

And just for the record, if "normal" as you call it, is someone like you, I pray to God that Reese is anything but. What is normalcy except a compiled list of someone's prejudices?


cheryl said...

Dear Monica-
FIVE DAYS!!!! Jumping up and down!!! Money has come together!!! Again- jumping up and down!!!!I can't wait to see you and Reese together, she is so lucky to have big sisters who love her, and can't wait to meet her!We are so lucky she has PWS so we could FIND her :-)

Your blog is too cool!
Love you!Mom

cheryl said...

P.S. I am sorry about letting you watch "A Baby Story" and all those other shows on TLC....but I just want grandbabies, I don't care where they come from, LOL!

Anonymous said...

Normal is not gothic, loving death, "emo boys", etc. Why on earth would you want a guy to wear your pants?! That is plain sick! Why piercings, tattoos, and all that? Check your Bible for what God made people for!

Monica said...


I don't consider my gothic or emo or anything like that. I'm me, and I guess the fact that I'm not afraid to be who life has shaped me as is some thing important. Death is a necessary part of life, and my appreciation and curiosity about it help me appreciate the life I have to live.

My sister asked her priest before she got a tattoo what the Bible said about it and he said that as long as you weren't doing it to be rebellious against God, He didn't care.

For me, who I am is normal and I really don't need to justify myself to you or anyone else because, guess what?, you're not my judge. I'm sorry to see that, once again, Christianity has come up with a person who is hypocritical, judgmental, the exact opposite of 'love your neighbor'. I am a Christian, and everything you are doing is against the Bible. Worry about your own sins and leave me be.

If you're going to preach hellfire and brimstone to me, at least do it with a name behind it, instead of in a cowardly way behind 'anonymous'.


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