Monday, May 28, 2007

She's officially ours!

Doing paperwork.

Reese Maleah KaiJin trying to help with paperwork...that's our guide, Michelle, on the right.

Reese looking at the spare passport photos they gave us of her that we get to keep.

Reese attempting to comb my hair.

Loves her cheerios (and baby cookies too)

Staring out the window...

Goofing off with a hotel comb...don't even tell me you think she can't see out of that eye at all...

We did the paperwork today. She is officially ours. Here's the funny thing: we already have her passport. So pretty much our next 3 days are free days. All the paperwork is done except for stuff for the Consulate and we don't have to do that at the civil affairs office. Michelle has to go get her birth certificate and abandonment certificate tomorrow at the notary's office, but that's the only other thing from Taiyuan we need.

She's happy again. She was running around the CA office, laughing and goofing off and looking out the window. She's quite the entertainer. She was feeding me last night and today at the CA office. She also was trying to play with my camera. She's such a goof. Michelle says she is VERY smart for 2. We have to use the security lock on our door at all times because if we don't, she'll manage to open the door and walk out! Anyway, she's ours now. All we have to do now is get her out of the country.

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