Monday, July 30, 2007

Sick Baby Girl

Reese has been running a fever since Saturday. It's gotten up as high 103*, but tends to lurk closer to mid 99*. She's been taking Motrin to keep the fever down and we've been offering her popsicles to keep her hydrated. She's still drinking her sippy cups okay; I think it's more paranoia than anything, but you can never be to careful with a little kid.
We took her to the doctor this morning to have her checked out. They say she has a fever virus. She stayed home from K2's today with Dad and I, and she will be staying home with me tomorrow. Preschools like for kiddos to be fever-free for 24 hours before they go back, so she should be going back least that's the plan at the moment.

No new pictures to post as I haven't really been taking pictures of her the last couple of days. I've been tired as heck, and today was busy.

I now have 15 squishes (squares + wishes), technically 16 because our aunt Lacey (my mom's little sis) has her fabric and her wish. We're just waiting to wash all the new fabric I have to wash her's, so it'll just be one load, because just washing that one yard of fabric seems like kind of a waste. I'm gonna wash them tomorrow...and iron them if I have the time/energy.

Take a look at the current squishes at Good Wishes for Reese. All of the one received thus far are posted.

Signing off...

Jie Jie to Reese Maleah KaiJin

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Anonymous said...

Here's hoping Reese is o.k. by now, and no fever. Is she cutting anymore teeth. Sometimes the doc will say it's a sever virus and it's really because she is cutting teeth. Sometimes they run fever and even have diarriah. Good luck with her and hope she is all well really soon. Summer is no good time to be feeling bad. Love Ann


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