Sunday, August 19, 2007

Justin's Birthday Party

Cuddling Mama at the beginning of the party. Our great-grandmother gave her a baby doll and she loves it.

Aunt Lacey and Aunt Mandy trying to entertain her...

Gosh, I love the black and white setting on my camera.

"Come to me...."

Climbing up the slide

The island thing...

I love this picture.


At the bottom!

Lining up for the pinata

Gathering candy

Showing Mama her bag of candy

playing with a balloon while Justin was opening presents

I just love black and white.

On the merry-go-round

Sorry the video is sideways...

Swinging with Mama

Is it sad that I post nearly every picture of her I take?

Today was our cousin, Justin's 8th birthday, and he had a party at the park near where he lives. Reese had never been to a real park since we got her, and once she warmed up to the idea, it seemed like a pretty good one! She decided the slide looked like an excellent choice. Needless to say, Mom freaked when she say her 2 year old climbing the stairs to the top of this 20 or so foot tall slide. So I went down with her the 1st 2 times because Mom said so. Then Mom went back to the party, and I just let her have at it. Every time she went down it, she got a bit more bold. She'd let go of the sides and just slide a bit sooner, instead of trying to slow herself down by keeping her hands on the sides. It was cute. There was also this thing that you climbed across. They were like little islands and they would move. They were on a pole on the top, but the bottom of the "island" was chained to the ground, so it could only move so much. She made it across with help from me and one of the girls who was at Justin's party.

Later, they popped the pinata and I helped collect candy for Reese. So did Papa Jim. And Reese even got a few pieces. And she got to put it in a plastic goodie bag that had a draw string so it was like a purse. And Reese LOVES purses. After Justin opened his presents, Reese decided that the merry-go-round looked like great fun so Mom, Reese, and I went down to the merry-go-round and she went around and around with 3 boys from the party, one of whom was about a year younger than she.

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A 5 time mom said...

I love your pictures and videos and it is neat to see your pride in your little sister.



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