Thursday, August 2, 2007

Went to the doctor for the 4th time in a week (3rd for this illness)

Reese and "Danny", her 2 year old version of "Daddy"

We never thought this would cute.Save Dad some shame? Naaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh.....Tiara courtesy of Reese KaiJin

We went to the doctor again today. Finally, the doctor decided to do a chest x-ray. Dr. Keathley didn't. This doctor, Dr. Annulis, decided to do one just to put our hearts at ease. We did the chest x-ray and there was a little gray blob around one of her lungs. The doctor said it could be a virus, could be walking pneumonia. So she gave us antibiotics in case it was atypical pneumonia. A few months ago our friend, Charlotte, had her little girl from China, Raeghan, in our Children's Hospital because she had pneumonia with pleural effusion. She also used Dr. Keathley. Once again, she didn't order a chest x-ray. Raeghan ended up at the Children's ER because she was dehydrated and needed an IV, by order of her doctor.

Yeah, yeah...anyway. We went to Walgreens to get her antibiotic filled because our local pharmacy closes at 6:30 pm. We told Reese KaiJin we would get her a surprise if she would stay in the car with Dad. So the pictures are her with her "surprise". We got her a princess tiara, clip-on earrings, ring, and necklace. And her eyes just lit up when we showed her. And she just got even brighter when we put on her earrings.


Ben's Mommy said...

Poor Reese. I hope she feels better soon!


Ben's Mommy said...

Poor Reese...I hope she feels better soon! I bet your dad just loves the picture you posted of him! :)


Anonymous said...

I know Dad just loves that pic of him in his tiara!!!! What a priceless pic of Reese kissing her Daddy. It brings tears to my eyes! She has come a long way!


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