Friday, September 21, 2007

Day...9, I think...

Goofy girl- with our Bactroban (we use it on her legs).

Almost all of her facial "leopard spots" are gone.

Her legs looking MUCH better.

The majority of the blisters have dried and fallen off, leaving little pink spots. Some have completely vanished, leaving solid birthmark-colored spots. I'm not sure if it's lighter or not. Haven't investigated that closely.

We call her "baby leopard". She doesn't mind. She likes cats. After that first day and we had to assure her they'd go away, they haven't bothered her in the least, cosmetics-wise. If we don't have her in long pants, she'll hike up her skirt and show off her legs.

I got my 100th Squish today for Reese's Good Wishes Quilt. You can visit the blog Good Wishes For Reese to see all the squishes we've received so far. We're still collecting. No reason to stop at 100. If 100 Good Wishes is good for a kid, how good must 125 be? Or 150? Or 200? You can visit the blog for instructions on how to contribute. We want squishes from everyone, but it would be really awesome to get some more from people with kids from Shanxi province, with birthmarks, glaucoma, any special need, or GWCA families. All squishes are insanely appreciated.


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Anonymous said...

she is certainly looking so much better and sure the majority of the pain is now gone for her. Love her smile.



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