Sunday, October 28, 2007

5 month Gotcha Day

Gotcha Day May 28, 2007

1 month. June 2007

2 months. July 28, 2007

3 months with us. August 28, 2007

4 month Gotcha Day. September 28, 2007. Look at how much that hair has grown!

5 months. October 2007. This picture was taken while we were carving a pumpkin...hence the plastic bag.

Reese has been with us for 5 months now. Almost half a year! It doesn't seem like it's been that long since we were Reese-free, but at the same time it seems like she's always been here. And we wouldn't trade her for the world.

Things she can do/say/etc.:
-her months
-she can almost count to 20 in English...a few numbers get left behind. She can at least count to 14 alone.
-she learning to identify her letters. one of her favorite things to do is, if someone has words on their shirt, climb on their lap, point to a letter, and say 'what's that?'. Lather, rinse, repeat.
-her favorite word right now is 'why?'. Yes, we've hit that stage.
-She LOVES parties.
-She's almost potty trained. She can go all day and not wet her 'pony panties'. (All of her underwear is My Little Pony). She still sleeps in a Pull-Up, but that's okay. She's staying dry when she's awake.
-She likes strawberry oatmeal, also known as 'oatmilk'.
-She loves pizza. She can eat 3 pieces all on her own.
-She's learning English so incredibly well. I still play translator a lot. She knows the words, but some times they get a little out of order (the grammar order in different in Chinese anyway).
-Our dad's favorite NASCAR driver is Tony Stewart. Reese can identify his car, his number (20), and his color (orange). If you ask her who's Tony Stewart's sponsor, she'll say 'HOME DEPOT!'.
-She's turning into a Daddy's girl, but she's still a full-blown Mama's girl.
-She loves her Irish dance. She loves to listen to the music (I burned her her own CD of it), and she loves to dance to it. She's pretty good, too. One of her favorite things is going to my dance classes. A common question in our house is 'go to dance?'.
-She starting to say Elsie (our cat) instead of 'Yowsie'.
-She has her ears pierced now and didn't even cry. Impressive.
-She still eats like a 13 year old boy.

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