Tuesday, October 23, 2007

New toy

Mom found a Chinese Barbie we bought near the beginning of our adoption journey (early 2004) at a antiques shop. She decided to open it and give it to Reese. Reese loves it.

Reese has a pink Murphy, as she calls it, that her niece Kaci gave her (along with a tiny Tony Stewart car, but that doesn't pertain to the story. Thanks, Kaci, by the way! She loves it.). She was playing with her Barbie in it after I showed her how to make the Barbie sit in the driver's seat. After a little while, we hear 'Mama! My baby gots a boo-boo! Murphy got a boo-boo!".

US: What?
Reese: My baby gots a boo-boo. Murphy gots a boo-boo.
Mom: Did your baby have a wreck in Murphy?
Reese: Yeah-huh. My baby gots a boo-boo on her neck.
Mom: Your baby has a boo-boo on her neck?
Reese: Yeah-huh.
Me: Can you say someone is role-playing?

This Barbie has long, black hair, like me. So the association isn't a strange one to be made by Reese. But the fact she was putting her baby is a wreck like I had was...cute, and impressive, that she could make the association.

By the way, we LOVE comments. If anyone asks question about Reese, her special needs, etc., please feel free to leave a comment, and I will do my best to answer it. The commenting is open to "anonymous" commenting, which means it asks you to type in your name, and...I think email, but you DO NOT have to have a Blogger/Gmail account.

Thanks for any comments. And Stacy, I know you always read. : )


Anonymous said...

Reese is absolutely adorable!!!! I have enjoyed reading your blog since your mom posted it on the Greatwall board. (We are the red dot in the middle of the Atlantic)
Glad you weren't hurt worse than seatbelt burns in the accident.


Anonymous said...

This is Lisa Crook and I love reading about Reese. She goes to school with my daughter Leah Crook in the 10th grade. Leah loves to see her and wants us to adopt a baby from China. Also, we have an exchange student from China at school in 10th grade. I don't know if you know that. Sorry about your wreck, but glad you are ok. Praise God!

Anonymous said...

Reese is so cute....wish we lived close so Lana and Reese could play together.


Stacey said...

Yep! I'm still reading! I usually check your blog once a day...


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