Saturday, October 13, 2007

Potty Training

Reese has been really taking off on the potty training front. They told us when we got her she was potty trained.
Well, we're not sure who was potty trained, but it wasn't her.

Anyway, the other day she really started to notice her My Little Pony panties we got her before we even went to China. And she put them on.

This was yesterday afternoon sometime. We had to fight her out of them last night. But she kept them dry while she had them on. And when she got up this morning, she wanted them back on.

We went to Wal-Mart today, and put her in a pull-up (which she wasn't really happy about), and while we were there, she said she had to go bathroom. Nobody felt like taking her, so Mom more or less told her if she needed to go, she could go in her pull-up.

We got home, and she still had "notes". For the (generic) Pull-Up illiterate, notes fade when the pull-up is wet.

She got back in her pony panties, and Mom just now fought her out of them to put on a Pull-Up for her to sleep in. Cause she still wets when she sleeps. But she's 3, so hey.

Anyway, the motivation behind all this:

We told her we'd get her "xiao" (small) dance shoes if she kept her pants dry when she was awake for a few days. She's going on 2 days now. So yay for Reese!


Charlotte said...

Yah for Reese ! It won't be long ! Riley was the same way when I got him, he was trained as long as you put him on it, then I gave him the milk and it was all gone, lol.

It is a wonderful pleasure to have them potty trained !


Paula said...

Good for Reese! Shae still wears a pull up at night, but wants her panties too, so we let her wear a pair of panties over her pull up. You might try that with Reese.


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