Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Feis (pronounced 'fesh') fun

Me in full competition regalia.

Reese (in her feis t-shirt) with C. (me in the background)

Mom, Dad, and Reese at Mt. Magazine.
Reese loves Irish dance. It's a good thing, because that's what I do. LOL. I had a competition in Fort Smith on Saturday. We left Friday evening, and got home Sunday afternoon.

She loved it. She would stand there and stare at the girls on the stages for 10, 20, 30 minutes at a time. She gets entranced by it. So cute. When I was up on stage for my novice-level reel, Reese screams 'MONICA! MONICA!'. *point-point*. And then there was Mom and Dad going 'shhh, Reese!'. How could you not crack out in a grin after that?

Anyway, I got 1st place in my hornpipe, 2nd in my single jig, light jig, and reel, and 4th in my slip jig. :)

We also met a family there who has a little girl from Jiangxi. Her older sister takes Irish dance. C, as I shall call her, wanted so badly to be Reese's friend, and Reese wasn't quite sure what to think of it. It was cute.

We also stopped by Mt. Magazine to see my aunt Jill, who works there. Reese thought it was pretty nifty- particularly the gift shop where Jill works.

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