Saturday, November 24, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!

Hopping around Daddy.

Cuddling with Daddy on the trampoline.

In the snow suit Mama brought her to go see the cows in, so she wouldn't freeze.

With Papa Jim after going to see the cows (the first time she's let him hold her).

Bouncing with Daddy.

Hop, hop.

Figuring out the tricycle.

We went up to our uncle's house (my mom's younger brother) for Thanksgiving. Reese had a great time. Our sister, Michelle, has loaned us a tricycle that she quite enjoys. We took it with us for her to play with. She had her first experience with a trampoline up there, too. She loved it. She'd never jumped on a trampoline before that we know of. Anyway, it was really cute.

We had turkey (from Popeye's Chicken, LOL), mac 'n cheese, green beans, corn, mashed potatoes, rolls, dressing, pies, lots of stuff. It was really good, and Reese enjoyed it. She had her first encounter with cows up there too. She went on the 4 wheeler with Dad, and then Mom, out into one field, and then Papa Jim took her out to another field on the 4 wheeler. She likes the cows, we think.

She has also turned into quite the Daddy's Girl. When we first brought her home, she'd have nothing to do with him. Now, he's the shizzle. If she doesn't know where he is, or he's left the house, it's "where my Daddy go?". If he goes some where and she sees him leaving, "I wanna go with you." Such the Daddy's girl. She loves on him all the time and says "I love you", which just makes your heart melt. As Mom says, "Awww, yes, you can have a pony." Yeah, that's pretty much what it makes you feel like. Friday, I baby sat her (her school was out, and Mom and Dad had to work), and she barely woke up once and goes, "Mama? Mama?", and I go, "What you need, babe?". "I want my Daddy." 6 months ago, we weren't sure when that was going to happen, and I know it was frustrating for Dad. But if you'll notice whom the main character aside from Reese in the pics and videos are. Our Daddy.

About 20 seconds into that video, she starts singing. It's a song Mom sings to her, that she sang to me when I was little. So did my grandma (go figure, she's our Dad's Mom). It goes: "I love you, a bushel and a peck, a bushel and a peck, and a hug around the neck, a hug around the neck, a barrel and a heap, a barrel and a heap, and I want my loving arms around you, around you, around you-ou." I don't think Reese sings it all, but there you go.

Bouncing around Daddy.


Anonymous said...

She is so cute, and learning English so quickly! My impression of your father is that he seems easy going and relaxed. Then theres a chattering little bundle of sunshine climbing all over him and loving him up, just makes it all cuter!

Anonymous said...

PS thats a very old song, My grandma used to sing it to me :)


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