Monday, November 19, 2007

Preschool Thanksgiving Party

Eating chicken nuggets (sorry for the horrible exposure)

Little Pilgrim Girl (literally)

Passed out Saturday

Reese's K3 class had a Thanksgiving party on Friday that I went to. I brought Happy Meals. I was cool. LOL. It was cute. They all had little Pilgrim hats on.

On Saturday, Reese went to Home Depot with Dad and me. We got a new mail box (the one we had wouldn't keep the door shut any more), and while we were gone, the mailbox and post we had got knocked over- so the mail person didn't deliver our mail.Grr... Anyway, we used to have a huge mailbox, and the one we got was the biggest one they had in white (Dad painted it orange), and it's TINY compared to our old one, which sucks. I liked having a big one, because when we got Priority Mail boxes, they could be put in our box instead of being laid on top of it, or it having to the be brought to the door. No more of that.

Reese passed out on the way home from Home Depot, with her chicken nuggets in her hands. So cute. I'll try to remember to take a picture of the mail box to post. It's ORANGE.

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