Sunday, December 9, 2007

FCC Christmas Party

Mom, Reese, and I

Mom and Reese

Reese with Charlotte's girls, Rachael (Chongqing, albinism, home November '07) and Raeghan (Guangdong,nsn, home January '05).

Santa and his elf.

Reese playing with our friends' son, Cade.

Daddy, Reese, and I getting our presents from Santa.

This past Saturday (Dec. 8th) was the FCC (Families with Children from China) Christmas Party. It was Reese's first Christmas party, as well as the only FCC event she's been to (gosh, we've been busy...) since Children's Day in June, the weekend after we got home from China (read: 3 days later). She, once again, refused to sit in Santa's lap, wanted to refuse to go up there even to get her present. She wouldn't take a picture with him at the mall either, and we've decided not to push it. It seems kind of mean to show off pictures of your kid screaming bloody murder just so you can say that they had their picture taken with Santa. Personal opinion, no offense meant. Maybe next year.

There were lots of people there, including many I didn't recognize, but, it's been 6 months since my last FCC event. Sounds awful.

Reese had a great time. She was running around, playing, being almost social. We don't bug her about her stranger anxiety, but we don't oppose friendly socialization. She tended to stay near to one of us (Mom, Dad, or I) and shied away from men, which she has always done. She was, however, very responsive to the women. Not wanting them to hold her or anything, which is great, but engaging with some of our female friends. Talking to them and associating with them. Not locking them out of her world. So that's a step forward. She only did this when we were talking to the ladies, so it seems to be a matter of we trust them, so she guesses she can enough to play with them.

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