Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Merry Christmas!

Elsie (short for Elspeth- which she is never called...LOL) wishes you a merry Christmas.

With the Barbie our brother, Scott, got her.

If I look tired, it's because I watched her all day before going to this shin-dig at Papa Jim's house (4 hour round trip).

Christmas morning

Reese in front of our tree in her new Tony Stewart "fire suit".

With her new Tony Stewart jumper

My new sewing machine...yay!

I think this Christmas was one of the most fun we've had in a while. Reese is home. And Reese has little clue as to what Christmas is "supposed" to be. She didn't really have a preconceived notion of what "should" happen. She had some clue though. Ask her whose birthday Christmas is? "Baby Jesus!" Where was he born? "Bed!" is what it sounds like- translated from toddler-ese to "Bethlehem". Who were his mommy and daddy? "Mary and Joseph". She's got the basics covered. Maybe next year we'll hit Sissy's Discovery Channel- National Geographic tainted version that says likely Jesus was born in a cave, not a stable, and a few other random facts. LOL.

You had to keep handing her presents or she'd stall, for lack of a better word, quite the same way a standard transmission car will, on one present. With as many presents as she had, we could have been there all day. Mom and I blame the mass amount of presents she got, from us alone, on the fact that a) we've missed the last 3 Christmases of her's, and b) she's far behind on the standard amount of toys an American child would accumulate by the time they're 3. LOL. With her, it was: Open a present? Cool! Another one? Sure, why not? Candy at 7 in the morning? Okie Dokie!

I got a new sewing machine for Christmas, and it is awesome! So progress has continued on Reese's 1oo Good Wishes Quilt. I honestly hope to have the rest of the squares cut down to size and sewn into their little sets of 4 by the end of the day. That's only 15 more sets of 4. No biggie, right? Heh heh, yeah. I'm optimistic.

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Anonymous said...

Looks like you had a wonderful Christmas. Lana is still pretty oblivious to the glitter of the holiday also.

Love the pictures.



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