Thursday, January 31, 2008

Happy to be home and not at school...

In fear of the weather turning skunky later today, we (Mom) opted to keep Reese home today with Dad and me. So far nothing has been freezing in our part of the state, but it could have. Some parts of more northern Arkansas are reporting 2-7 inches of snow, and I think they're anticipated us getting some as the sun goes down and takes the temperature with it.

Mom's having to work late. Dad told me they only had a person on every other case (1 case per mail route) today (I guess several people opted out of potentially braving the weather.), so they were making people go back out. Mom got part of Dad's usual route- the indoor part- so at least for that part she'll mostly be out of the rain and cold.

Anyway, Reese has had fun watching Dora, Scooby-Doo, and Blue's Clues today and driving Dad and me up the wall (it's a short drive, but hey...). In the picture, she's sitting on my bed with Chi-Chi (the calico cat looking at the camera) and Chen Le (the larger gray tabby). Chen Le has Reese whipped. She won't walk by her alone. All because Chen got her good (bad?) back when she'd only been home a couple of weeks and didn't know that hissing means 'back the heck off before I claw out your eyeballs'. Reese got a decent scratch across the forehead and has given Chen Le a wide berth ever since. Chen Le is basically my cat, no one else's. We refer to her as a one person cat, although she is fond of Dad (and he in return). Anyway, I'm betting Reese didn't know Chen Le was that close or else she wouldn't have laid there. Chen Le hasn't done anything to her in half a year or more, but Reese still won't walk within 3 feet of her. By the way, Reese is up there looking all happy in my bed. As my bedroom is the only one with a VHS player (it's a combo DVD/VHS player).

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