Thursday, February 7, 2008

Reese's Finding Ad

A Picture of a picture of Reese's finding ad. Isn't she so cute? She's sucking on those's adorable...

A picture of a picture of the newspaper her ad was published in. Her finding ad was published with 21 other babies, several are cleft lip.

The certificate of authenticity from with information about the newspaper.

Brian Stuy at found Reese's finding ad. We think the outfit Reese is wearing in the finding ad may be what she was found in. We don't know for sure, it's just speculation. Her finding ad translates to: "On October 26, 2004, a half month old baby girl was found at the gate of Taiyuan City Social Welfare Institute. This baby girl has a cornea problem."

I find it somewhat humorous that they don't mention her birthmark, even though it's a newspaper produced in black and white. Her finding ad was run in the "Shanxi Worker Daily" on December 12, 2004.

We are so happy to have this bit of information, this small fragment of Reese's history.

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