Monday, March 3, 2008

Laser Treatment and EUA

Getting on the bed (I let her borrow my fox, Kyuubi, for the procedure. She's fond of him and knows he's mine, so there's no risk of her absconding it. It's a special treat when I let her, more or less, have her way with him.) for eye drops.

Getting all kinds of drops put in for her EUA

Looking for the truck out the window after getting ready.

Mom in her "chicken house quality control" outfit. Kidding. It's what she had to wear back to the O.R. Reese didn't like it. She wanted Mommy out of it.

Chugging apple juice afterwards...

Reese had her 7th laser on her face and the 2nd on her right leg today.

We actually got in early. We were scheduled to be there at 10:45 for a 12:45 procedure, but at about 9 am, as Mom and Dad were trying to get Reese to drink her sippy cup of apple juice (and I was trying to salvage a few more minutes of sleep), ACH called and said they had a cancellation, could we come in. We said OF COURSE!, stopped trying to get her to drink, Mom and I flew into clothes, put Reese in her footsie pjs (which she LOVES) and off we went. We were there by 9:30. She went back about the same time we were supposed to get there originally. We were gone by 1:30.

We were planning on only doing one leg, and doing the other next time, but her left leg, due to the blistering last time, hyper-pigmented, turning it more of a brown shade. The pulsed-dye laser doesn't work really on darker skin because the darker pigment absorbs some of the energy. So, unless her birthmark goes back to red/pink at some point, there's not a whole lot we can do on that left leg. Dr. Buckmiller says it may even start to fade on it's own. It's kind of a toss-up.

We did find out today her birthmark should not have blistered that badly last time(go back to September to see). Dr. B said her jaw was on the floor when she saw the pictures. She had never seen anyone react that badly. They turned down the laser for her legs and turned it up some for her face. They're trying to get the facial laser as high as they can without her blistering, so it will break up more each time.

They didn't use the Versed (goofy juice) on her today, because she had a bad reaction to it last time. So Mom went back to the O.R. with her. Mom stayed with her until she passed out, stayed a few more minutes, then left. Mom held Reese in her lap while she took the gas. She kept knocking it loose, and Mom said, laughingly, later that she was worried she'd pass out and Reese wouldn't. LOL.

The opthalmologist, Dr. Lowery, said her pressure was perfect. The drops are doing what they're supposed to, and the bleb is draining the pressure like it's supposed. The bleb is from a glaucoma surgery she had in China when drops stopped controlling the pressure.

We go back in approximately 4 months.

We've been having "eye school" with eye patches lately. We have to teach that glaucoma eye to see as much as it will be able to. Her vision is focused in that left eye, understandably, so the right eye is weak, due to lack of use, for lack of better terms. So we're trying to train it to see as best as it is able. We can't reverse the damage done by high intra-ocular pressure, but we can try to salvage as much as we can. If anyone knows of a place we can buy some pretty eye patches, that would be awesome. I've heard about them, but no one knows where to get them. It'd probably make things easier, since they'd be pretty.


Anotheramy said...

Heres some and I suspect they would be easy enough to make too.

Liene said...

Versed is one of my favorite drugs when I'm having something done to knock me out. It works all the time.

Some people just don't do well with certain anesthesia medications.

Glad the procedure went well.


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