Thursday, March 27, 2008

Please pray.

The front of my Explorer after my wreck back in October

I copied this from Ni Hao, Y'all!:

"A good friend of mine and fellow adoptive mama has had a horrible tragedy strike... the kind a mother fears most. Here is a forwarded email from another friend of their family:

Kathy Lowe's bio 16 year old son was in an awful wreck last night. It is bad...very bad. Please say a prayer for Andrew, and please add him to any prayer chain you know about. Kathy was on the way to their local hospital to be by the side of a good friend whose 16 year old daughter just died in a non-related accident, when Kathy got the call that her own son had just been airlifted to Springfield, MO. My heart is breaking for Kathy. He made it through the night. His brain is swollen and bleeding. He has multiple broken bones. His leg is destroyed, and the doctors do not think they can save it. They are not sure he will survive another night. It is as serious as it can get. Please pray.
Kathy is BEGGING for prayer. Please enlist all prayer warriors you know.
His name is Andrew Lowe. He is 16, and just got his license."

Some of you may remember I was involved in a wreck back in October that could've been bad. It was a side impact on the front of the car on wet, rainy day. Both airbags deployed and the rear view mirror inside the car was thrown off the windshield. I got out with some scratches, mild burns from the air bag deployment and a messed up tendon or ligament in my right thumb/arm that has since mostly healed and only periodically gives me fits. So far, all I've needed for it was nearly a month in a brace and bracing it every now and again when it bothers me. When I get hot or cold, or some times just randomly, the place when the seat belt scratched me so badly on my neck shows back up, sadly looking every inch like hickey. But it is a nearly constant reminder of what every person I encountered after that wreck, the firemen, the EMTs, the nurses, the doctors, my Mom, my sister, and probably many others said afterwards: "You're lucky to be alive." Things could have just as easily gone horribly wrong, as they did be very mild. Honestly, the emotional trauma has the been the worst of it...and it's still not gone, not by far. There are a lot of what-if's involved after a wreck: what if I hadn't taken that turn?, what if I had punched the gas?, what if I had been a foot further in that direction than I was?... So many what-if's, most of which I can't answer and never will be able to. I'm pretty confident, though, that if I'd been a bit further forward, that van would've impacted with me more on the side than on the front, and odds are, my '95 Explorer would've flipped. As it was, I wasn't able to get my driver's side door open, and that wasn't the side that was hit. The fireman had to pull the door open because I only had one good arm, and it wasn't enough to open that door, wedged as it was. I'm grateful that I'm alive and intact, with no real scars left behind. Why do some come out, as I did, nearly unscathed, and others, like this boy, Andrew, who is only a bit younger than me, come out with potentially lethal injuries, and, if not lethal, injuries he will have to deal with for the rest of his life?

Please pray for this boy and his family. Sixteen is such a young age to lose so much.

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