Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Love Without Boundaries Heart Auction

The Love Without Boundaries Born In My Heart Auction on eBay begins tomorrow (the 24th) at ( am PDT, which I think is 11 am CST. This link is to the Love Without Boundaries eBay store. This auction raises money to provide critical surgery to Chinese orphans with heart defects. Some items available for bid are oil paintings, several 100 Good Wishes Quilts, a life-size jade burial suit, personalized digital lifebooks, calligraphy, heritage items, and so much more.

This auction begins tomorrow and runs through the 29th. The auctions will be updated quite frequently tomorrow morning as things are not added in advance.

Check it out!

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Rebecca said...

Hi Monica!!

Can I have your email address so I can add you to Owen's private blog???




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