Friday, April 18, 2008

Meet My New Baby

A lot of definition there that was not there with my Kodak.

Reese loves being in front of a camera...well, mine anyway.

Caught this right before she burst into tears because Mom told her there was no point in starting Nemo because she was going to bed. Nemo ultimately did get started, and she didn't get to watch much...but she stopped crying.

This camera actually makes Elsie look like there's a philosopher behind those lovely gold eyes.

I don't think I've ever caught a cat bath picture before.

I finally got my baby: The Canon EOS 40D DSLR camera. The only camera on the prosumer market that can beat it out is the Nikon D300, and as best as I can tell, the only way it beats it out is that it has 12.1 megapixels, and the 40D has 10.1. Considering I had lived for the better part of 2 years with a 5.1 megapixel camera, that wasn't a really big deal. And the Canon gets a whole .5 frame per second more. Yeah, yeah, technicalities.

Anyway, it's big, it's bad, it shoots beautifully, and I'll be spending the next week trying to figure out all the gizmos, whatchamadoodles, and settings on this baby. I am in photographer heaven right now. And I'm half way scared to let the thing out of my sight for fear it will evaporate.

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Stacey said...

Love your new camera! You are a good photographer. I have a Canon and I love it. Mine is not as fancy...just 7.1 mega pixels, but it is still great. I look forward to seeing lots of pictures taken with your new camera.


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