Monday, April 14, 2008

Not quite what I expected...

Of course, I don't often sit here and think "Maybe I'll walk in on a sleeping 3.5 foot tall leopard in the kitchen," as I go to get my Pop-Tart. Apparently, maybe I should...

It's funny the things you still don't expect after nearly 11 months of living with a quite inventive 3 year old.

Sitting outside watching Daddy wash the truck.

Funny how over exposed pictures turn out so artistic sometimes.

Dad washing the truck.
In other news, Mom took the above pictures yesterday (the top three) and today (the last one). The first three were taken while Dad was washing our truck yesterday, while I was passed out in bed until roughly 5 in the evening. I don't know what's going on, but I feel like crap, in general. I'm tired, sleep comes far too easily, even for me, and I can't directly point to anything that hurts other than the back of my left knee, and my sinuses off and on. There's nothing really to point at, and thus, in my mind, no reason to go to the doctor. What do you say, "Well, I'm tired as drunk sloth, but nothing is really bugging's just there."? Search me.
The last picture is one Mom caught of Reese absconding with Dad's book while she used the bathroom. Dad and I are known for reading in the bathroom, and Reese mimics it. She can't read, but darn if she won't try. It's crazy funny, too.

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Gary,Charity,Katie&Louis said...

The leopard in the kitchen lying on top of a perfectly arranged blanket cracks me up.

Thanks so much for your very kind note on our blog about Scarlett's passing. I was very touched by it.



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