Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Kaci's Spring Concert

Our niece, Kaci, plays clarinet in her school band. Tuesday night, we went to her school's spring concert. Her grade played Rhythm X, Pirates of the Carribean, and Surfin' USA. It was pretty cool. Reese got bored fairly quickly, but she does that with most any music that doesn't involve dancing or that she doesn't know the words to. Kaci is carrying on the tradition, so to speak. Her mother, our sister Michelle, played flute, and her aunt, Wendy, played saxophone. Mom wants Reese to play in band, specifically French Horn, which is what Mom played when she was in junior high and high school, I guess.

Reese gets out of school on the 23rd. After that, during the "school" week, I'll be watching her, through the summer. Possibly the school year, too, depending on how the summer goes. She managed to memorize all of her Bible verses this year, which we weren't really expecting or really working on. When they gave us the list of Bible verses at the beginning of the year, we were more concerned about her speaking English fluently! Well, as fluently as a 2/3 year old can. Calling some of that fluent English is a little iffy. LOL. Apparently, though, she has mastered English, and memorized, to whatever extent necessary, these Bible verses. So, next Wednesday, she will be getting a trophy (her first!) for memorizing those verses. I fully intend to go there and watch.

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