Sunday, May 11, 2008


On Saturday, Reese, Mom, Dad, and I went to a Japanese steakhouse, picked up a fruit bouquet for Grandma for Mother's Day, and then we went and visited our sister (Dad's daughter) Michelle and family. I took my big camera with me and took some shots while we waiting for the steakhouse to open and while we were at Michelle's. We love visiting Michelle; it's always fun to watch Brandon and Reese run around with each other, see baby "Jonavan" (Jonathan), and talk with her.
After we got home, we got bad weather- again. Reese and I landed in the bathtub for like the 4th or 5th time in 3 months. We're fine. Some hail fell, but nothing was damaged. Apparently, 22 people were killed in Oklahoma, Missouri, and Georgia, though. I think those are the right states. Stuttgart got hit pretty badly is my understanding.
We went up to visit my mom's side of the family today for Mother's Day. I'll post more about that when I post pictures, probably tomorrow, as it was a 4 hour round trip drive, and I'm tired! :)

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