Monday, June 30, 2008

An Adventure

So, we went to drop Bowie off at the All About Labs place yesterday. We never expected it to be so exciting.

We turn off the highway onto this little side road. It's paved, no big deal. However, we continue onwards, we being Mom, Reese, and I, and Bowie, with Reese passed out in the back seat and Bowie trying to join her in dreamland laying on my foot, and we hit gravel. Now, my great-grandparents live in an area where if you want a gravel road, you can find a gravel road, so big deal. We take the left turn at the second fork, because the right side had posted signs and purple paint, etc. We keep going. It's overgrown, bushy, and looks like something straight out of the about-to-be-eaten scenes of Jurassic Park. Mom's like "we're looking for a bridge". Finally we find said "bridge". Try concrete slab over the creek bed that is scarcely wide enough for our Toyota Tundra to fit on. We keep going. I lock the doors. And keep waiting for some 12 foot python to hop out at us. That's how woodsy this place is. We get to this spot in the "road" where it looks like whoever made this "road" and the folks who made the Great Wall of China hooked up in the planning stage. We opt to continue and go up the hill. Through standing water, yadda yadda. We hit trees that have managed to branch out towards the "road". Finally, we hit this small clearing. More 'posted' signs. However, the only way to go is forward. Or backwards. And when I say backwards, I mean in reverse. In our huge truck. Mom opens her phone. No cell service. It's like something out of a bad horror movie. We go forward. Trees, trees, more trees. Trying not to contemplate what would happen if we managed to steer the wrong way and go down that rocky incline... Finally, we see a trailer in a clearing. Mom stops. I look at her and go "Mom, I don't want to get shot. No one would ever find our bodies...". Mom proceeds to hand me her phone, tell me to look on mine and hers for a signal and backs up.
We get back to the little clearing and after 4 or 5 tries, we get turned around. We head back toward where we came from. Finally, we get 1 bar! Mom calls Dad to have him look at the directions in her notebook, which are clear as mud in my opinion. We head back down the rocky Great Wall of China-inspired thing, get back across the "bridge", and we take the other fork.

Finally (there's a lot of that in this tale, isn't there?), we make it to the place where we are leaving Bowie. One, turns out Bowie was a girl. I have cats. Cats and dogs look different down there, apparently. Bowie got her shots, and the lady finally found a collar for her. Most of them were very large, but finally, a cat collar was found which would fit Bowie. Bowie got to meet her new "roommates", a black lab pup and a brown lab pup, both bigger than her, but still puppies.

Anyway, we survived our ordeal, dropped Bowie off, and didn't get shot. All in all a good, albeit exhausting, day.

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