Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Eye Exam

Looking at the mirror. Her panda is under my jacket.

What reflected onto the mirror for Reese to see.

Looking at the letters on the screen in the second room

Reese and her panda playing in the exam chair

Reese had her second conscious visit to Dr. Lowery today. This was her first eye exam not under anesthesia, though. We started out with a nurse with absolutely no personality, and she was not one of the nicest people in the world. Reese was scared of her. As long as she was looking at her, Reese would not say a word. Anyway, Reese wouldn't tell her what was in the mirror while she was looking at her, so when the nurse left to see what prescription, I stole the remote and we went through a few pictures and she could see down to the horse picture with 150 in the lower corner. That was as far as we got before the nurse came back. And then the nurse tried a few more slides, and she wouldn't say anything, so the nurse decided to stop before Reese got frustrated. She wasn't getting frustrated, she was just really scared. But whatever.

We then went to another exam room, and Reese read the letters off of the computer screen at the end of the room before the doctor came in. Dr. Lowery then looked at her eyes with multiple instruments. Then the nurse numbed her eyes and managed to get a pressure out of her right eye. She couldn't get one in the left eye. The pressure in her right eye was 28, which the doctor said wasn't awful. Obviously, it's not good either, but it's not awful. He wants us to patch her for 2 hours a day. He'd like 6, but he'll settle for 2. We have trouble getting her to keep it on for 15 minutes. I don't know how we'll pull 2 hours. He's also referring us to a pediatric glaucoma specialist in Memphis. He says there's nothing seriously wrong right now, but he feels her glaucoma will be one of those that it somewhat difficult and wants to get our foot in the door at Memphis in case she needs surgery or whatnot.

Anyway, that's the news for now.

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