Sunday, June 1, 2008

Forever Family Day Party

Reese & her 100 Good Wishes Quilt
Reese & Big sis, Michelle
Sorry that's sideways. I fixed it earlier on my computer and apparently it didn't stick.

Raeghan about to do a cartwheel

Group pic: Back row: Rachael, Riley, Reese, Kaci, & Jonathan
Front row: Brandon, Raeghan


Opening her present

First off, let me say thanks to everyone who came to our celebration: Bryan, Kammy, Whit & Karyn, Charlotte, Michelle, Grandma, and Grandma Debbie. We really loved seeing all of you guys.

We celebrated Reese's Forever Day at New China on Friday night. We gave Reese a drum with a painting of a monkey on it, as that is her zodiac year (aptly). We bought it in Guangzhou. We ate well, and Reese, Brandon, Kaci, Kaleigh, Raeghan, Riley, and Rachael played with each other. They had a lot of fun, I'd say. It sure was fun to watch. It was great getting to visit with everyone. I told Karyn about digital scrapbooking, which is just one of the best inventions ever.

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