Thursday, July 17, 2008


I caught Reese "reading" (she basically has the story memorized) I Love You Like Crazy Cakes to Sebastian. I thought it was pretty cute. And I haven't posted pictures much lately. I like natural light best, and it's too hot to stay outside for long (mid to upper 90s with humidity). Luckily, I had the window blinds up, which let in a lot of light, and the fill flash made Sebastian look like more than the black blob he looked like before I took the picture. Taken on my little Kodak camera.

I also thought I'd mention, I've started on my nephew Jonathan's quilt. 2 of the 11 rows are sewn, not to each other, but sewn. :)

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Charlotte said...

To this day I can't read that book without crying EVERY time I read it !!!

Charlotte and crew


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