Thursday, July 24, 2008

Trapped In Cambodia

This family is trapped in Cambodia, and have been for roughly 2.5 years. They have adopted in Cambodia their previously adopted (when Americans could still adopt from Cambodia) son's biological older sister and street child they took in. Their names are Chenda and Noah. However, they cannot come home to the USA until the government grants them immigrant visas/waivers or humanitarian parole/visa. And this family will not leave these children who have been alone so much alone again. This family is divided between Arkansas and Cambodia- the father and eldest daughter are here in America for work and college, respectively. The mother and her 4 children are stuck in Cambodia- due to the American government.

As of June 2007, this was the Evans Family:

The Evan's family today : It has been eighteen months. John visits, and sometimes Callie, but the family is in limbo waiting. It is impossible to consider leaving Cambodia without Chenda and Noah, and unbearable to wait for some resolution to the issues. At this point, Chenda and Noah are legally adopted. However, due to the immigration freeze on children adopted from Cambodia , they cannot come to the USA with their family. They have been denied even a tourist visa that would allow them to come to the USA while their immigration status is reconsidered.

The Evans' main hope lies in the hands of Senator Pryor from Arkansas . The Evans need an immigration waiver or humanitarian visa for their family to be reunited in the USA . It will take considerable effort to receive either.

Please consider supporting the Evans' family by contacting Senator Pryor's office at

mentioning the John and Kerri Evans family and asking his help in bringing them, and their legally adopted children, back to Arkansas from Cambodia. To conctact Kerri Evans in Cambodia, email:

One important note: The Evans are not the only family caught up in circumstances such as this. There are other American families living in the USA and abroad who are aware of birth siblings to their adopted children, and would also like to adopt these children. These orphaned siblings are also barred, due to immigration laws, from coming to the USA . The truly best solution would be for our Senators and representatives in Congress to recognize the unique situation these families and children are in. There needs to be an Immigration Bill drafted that will specifically focus on the reunification of separated siblings. As a community, adoptive families are in the unique position to rally behind families who are separated in this way. Please consider adding your voice to this important cause. Martha Osborne, Editor Adoption Advocacy Website.

A comment on this story by Kerri herself reveals that they are still in Cambodia, two and half years after beginning all of this. I have to stay I am amazed by this woman for sticking it out, when some would have, and have, given in and given up and left children behind. Canada and the USA are the only countries in the world right now that do not recognize Cambodian adoptions. They cannot get immigrant or even tourist visas to live in Canada or the USA. They could not even get a transit visa to go through Miami to Belize to live there. The Embassy in Thailand will not even try for a visa for the kids to live in Mexico, as Mexico has special and complicated laws about Cambodian citizens entering.

This family needs help. Please contact Mark Pryor and your local senator on behalf of this family.

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