Sunday, October 19, 2008

Arkansas State Fair

My face paint

Our brother, Scott, his girlfriend, Meaghan, and Dad

Reese in her stroller

Reese's face paint

In a racecar ride.

We went to the State Fair Friday night. We had a good time. We rode some rides, bought some things, and got Reese's and my faces painted. Oh, and decided that sugar gliders would make really cool pets. :) The face paintings only cost $12 for both of us.

Reese cried when we left. She did not want to leave. She had a lot of fun. It's always fun to watch her with new things, things she's never done before. It makes it a lot more fun, because by now, I've been to so many fairs, they're not exceptionally excited any more. I love going, but I know what to expect, and it's roughly the same every year. It was all new to her though. She had a great time.

She has a laser treatment on Friday, so there will be some posts about that.

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