Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Itinerary for China- We Leave in NINE Days!

March 13- We leave for China. I'm going Little Rock to Newark, where I'll meet up with Beth, Melanie, and Andrea, who are flying in from Orlando. Then we're all flying from Newark to Beijing.

March 14- We land in China at 2 pm. Which is 1 am CST. We then go to the hotel, Holiday Inn Express, one of 5 in Beijing. Then we'll clean up, find food, and crash.

March 15- We're going to the Mutianyu section of the Great Wall. Which is a different section than I went to last time (yays!). I went to Juyuyuan last time. We'll probably do a few other things, too, like a tea ceremony or something. Dinner with the sponsor of Dale Carnegie in Beijing. Beth, Melanie, and Andrea all have connections to Dale Carnegie.

March 16- Visiting the Olympic Village, Tiananmen Square, and the Forbidden City, as well as spend a few hours at the China Care Home in Beijing. Both Reese, and Beth's daughter, Zoe, were cared for by China Care in Shanxi.

March 17- Visiting New Day Creations Foster Home just outside Beijing. Then we'll fly from Beijing to Taiyuan, arriving in Taiyuan at about 9:30 pm. (about 8:30 am CST). A car ride through Taiyuan to the Shanxi Grand Hotel and then crash.

March 18- We go to buy supplies for the Taiyuan Social Welfare Institute (orphanage) where Reese was from. Then we'll go drop off the supplies and visit the orphanage. Reese was left by her birthmother at the gates of this orphanage.

March 19- Going on a 2.5 hour trip to Hong Tong in the southwest corner of Shanxi province. It's a village just a bit north on Linfen, the orphanage Zoe was from. We're going to take supplies there and spend most of the day there.

March 20- Today we're going to the ancient walled city of Pingyao, about 2 hours south of Taiyuan. We'll also take supplies to the local orphanage, Jinzhong, and visit as long as they'll let us.

March 21- Today we fly from Taiyuan to Beijing, and the Beijing to Newark. We leave Beijing at 4 pm (3 am CST), then I fly on to Dallas from Newark, and Beth, Melanie, and Andrea will fly back to Orlando. My parent will pick me up at Dallas.

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