Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Greek Food Fest 2009

Reese got her face painted.

Our 4-hand, me, Lynn, Emily, and Michael.

Me and The Most Awesome Dance Teacher Ever, Mrs. Judy

My dance school, McCafferty School of Irish Dance, performed at our local Greek Food Festival on Friday night. Our good friends, Bryan and Kim, and their girls, Anna-Marie and Savannah, attended, and got to watch me dance. Which was exciting for me, because, while they knew I did Irish dance, they'd never seen me do it. So it was fun to show off "my thing".

We danced well and had fun. And sweated horribly. It was hot before the dresses and dancing, it was really hot after dancing and in dresses. Those dresses are not made for Arkansas summer weather. And my dress is one of the older styles, which is a bit lighter than the new "M" dress. I didn't have much of an issue with my exercise-induced asthma, though, which kinda confirms the cold air=bad theory. Any way, it was fun.

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