Saturday, July 18, 2009

Cake and Cats

My first decorated cake...

Like my first attempts at roses?

Reese and our newest foster kitten, Daytona

Mom and I are taking a Wilton Cake Decorating class at the local Michael's. It's fun. We had our second class last week (our first actually decorating), and we made the rainbow cake, seen above. Mom made the cake and did the initial icing; I did the vast majority of the decorating. Mom can't sit down and decorate on the cake; it hurts her shoulder that she had rotator cuff surgery on about a year ago. The roses are all my doing. :D I'm pretty proud of them.

The other pictures are Reese with Daytona, one of our kittens we're fostering for FuRR (Feline Rescue and Rehome). She's quite fond of the little bugger. He's a sweetie, real cute. Still skittish, but we're working on that. Mostly the other cats scare him; he's getting a lot better with humans though. He's downright cuddley!

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