Sunday, September 27, 2009


Reese by Taylor's bus

Bad shot of the big screen

Reese in her Taylor Swift Fearless Tour 2009 t-shirt and glow stick

Reese, Dad, and I went to see Taylor Swift last night. It was an awesome show. If you have any chance to go see it (even though most, if not all, of the shows in the USA are reportedly sold out), you really should. It's absolutely brilliant and exciting. Reese was tired, but she enjoyed it (well, that's what happens when you won't take a nap! >.> ) Anyway, this was Reese's first ever concert.

Excuse the bad quality of the shots, all I had was my camera phone.

Reese loves Taylor, but by the time the two opening acts were about done, she was ready to go. I think she was pretty sure Taylor wasn't really going to be coming out at all. Taylor Swift had like 9 costume changes, and every time there was a huge amount of applause, you could tell that Taylor really loves what she does and she's really grateful for this opportunity to do what she loves.

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