Monday, August 30, 2010

Notes from the funny farm...

The school year has started, and we are busy, as is everyone else , I am sure. Reese started kindergarten, and of course, beyond the first day, would rather be home in bed until closer to noon (hmmm..I wonder where she gets that?LOL).

A lot has changed in the the three years and three months since we first met Reese in China. Some days if I stop and think about the chain of events that led us to adopt, and to finding the perfect little one for us, it takes my breath away. I often think of her birth parents, and her foster parents, and my heart aches for what they have missed. Is she perfect?NO! Is she perfect for us? ABSOLUTELY!

We will be traveling to Kansas City this Labor Day weekend for an Irish dance competition (a feis). Monica, Reese, and Joseph will all be competing. It will be the longest road trip we have made since we "got Joseph"; fortunately for all of us, we are the proud owners of a mini-van gives the "big kids" more space from the "little kid". If all goes as planned, we will see Scott and Meaghan for Labor Day...we haven't seen them in ages!

We are sorry if posts are few and farther between. Monica and I are both in school, and I am working full-time, while she just received and internship with Make-A-Wish. I told someone today, I have gotten the family used to fast food and a dirty house...:-( A special thanks to my longsuffering husband who is dad and mom a lot of the time...and to the kids who are becoming too familiar with grouchy, exhausted MOM. And this too shall pass...

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