Saturday, September 25, 2010

Family Photo Shoot

Family shot: Mom, Dad, Reese, Joseph, and I.
Reese and Dad
Joseph and I
Mom, Dad, and Reese
Last Sunday, we had a friend of ours take some family photos and some engagement pictures of Joseph and I, as well. Some of them are pretty cute, so I thought I'd share. Also, Reese is wearing a kind of cover-up foundation in these pictures, so no, her birthmark hasn't magically lightened that much. I was wearing make-up, as was Mom, and Reese wanted some of her's. We don't push it on her, we don't make her wear it, it's always up to her whether or not she wants to put it on. We primarily put it on for dance competitions, as we don't want the judges being distracted by her gorgeous face, or, even worse, giving her pity points. We can't do much about her legs, except putting her in knee-length poodle socks, but we try to keep the playing field as even as possible. She's just an absolutely gorgeous little girl, and one of these days, she'll be a heart breaker, I'm sure. Too soon for my tastes, I'm sure of that, too.

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