Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Snow storm...

Like Reese's hat? It has bunny ears, but you can't see them.

You can see how deep it is here, almost over Reese's boots

About 11 am this morning (note the bowl at the bottom of the shot)

That same bowl at about 1 pm

About 12:45 pm
So Arkansas got hit by another snow storm. Totals today for our area (actually about a 20 minute drive from here) was around 5.8", which is A LOT for central Arkansas. Lots of fluffy, white snow. Our Dad measured and said that he measured it to be 7" in our yard, which wouldn't surprise me at all having walked out into it.

Reese played with a little girl and her brother today, which made the snow way more fun for her. She was saying it was "no fun" because Joseph and I wouldn't go out in it. I sprained my ankle Saturday and didn't want to risk twisting it again. The little girl is the cousin of some kids I played with a lot growing up, so it's kind of funny. :) They had fun, though. They played until the cold became intolerable, then Reese went to play at their house for a little while.

School was, obviously, cancelled today, and it is also cancelled tomorrow. Reese didn't have school Friday anyway, so she has no school for the rest of the week, or Monday! Lucky kid.

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