Monday, May 23, 2011

Spring Olympics and Greek Food Festival

Reese dancing at Greek Food Festival
With her trophy at the end...Everyone got a trophy.
Hopping over beanie babies...
Walking backwards on the balance beam
Running to her spot
Saturday started early. Reese had Spring Olympics at the gymnastics studio she goes to. Basically, it was an opportunity for parents to see what their kids have learned since they started, typically either at the beginning of the spring semester or in the fall. Reese has been going since the fall. It was cute. Reese had to hop over beanie babies on a foot wide balance beam, walk backwards on a normal one, then walk forwards while kicking one leg forward as she walked. Then, with the teacher spotting, she walked sideways on the high beam. Then over to tramp where she showed she could bounce, and then do the jump where you bounce down, land on your butt, and then land on your feet. There was some running and jumping in that area. Then to the next area, where she spun around on the rings, and then around on a miniature set of bars. Next was over to floor, where she did a little dance, showed she could do somersaults, a cartwheel, and a back roll. Maybe more, I don't remember. It was cute. Everyone got a trophy at the end.

After that, we went to lunch, then to a final practice before we went to perform at Greek Food Festival, I only posted one shot from there because they're all from a distance, and basically the same thing. :) Reese, Joseph, and I all performed. It's fun, and everyone seems to enjoy watching us perform. Irish dance tends to enthrall people often. :)

Reese was given a bracelet by a lady who worked at Greek Food Fest, for a promise to "not ever hate herself". According to Reese. I wasn't there and didn't hear it. Pretty poignant. I can wager why the lady made her promise that. With a special need as obvious as Reese's, as she gets older it's likely to get harder to hold herself in a good self-esteem. Child has plenty of self-esteem right now, which is great. She loves nothing more than to look at herself in the mirror.

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