Sunday, June 5, 2011

Dad's Retirement

Getting a Certificate for 33 years of service

One of my parents' bosses, Mom, and Dad


Reese got to help Dad sort mail on his last day

Helping some more

The cake. Another man, Leon, retired that day too.

Our dad retired on June 3, after ~33 years of service to the United States Postal Service. Given the upcoming heat, he's thrilled to be done with it. He can go outside and work in the heat and come back in whenever he likes now. :) My mother, in light of highs in the upper 90s this coming week, is counting down her 11 years and 11 months left before she is eligible for retirement.

Reese helped Dad sort mail some on his last day while we were there for the party. I don't know how often, if at all, she's done that. I did it relatively frequently as a child. It was fun. Reese seemed to enjoy it, and I definitely remember enjoying it.

Happy Retirement, Daddy!

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