Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Mom and I
Dad and I
Joseph and I
Reese getting ready before the wedding
Mom and Reese dancing
The ceremony (yep, my guys wore kilts)
As some of you may remember, I got engaged in July 2010. Well, the wedding happened Dec 17, 2011. Here are some pictures courtesy of our amazing photographer, Crystal Goss. I did not take any of these pictures, they are all her doing.

Reese was the flower girl. We got her dress and Mom's (and my bridesmaids' but you can't really see them in the pictures) at David's Bridal. My dress came from Low's Bridal in Brinkley, AR. The guys' kilts came from Kilt Rental USA. The wedding took place at the Albert Pike Hotel in downtown Little Rock, AR. The awesome lighting (and our DJ, Joe Snell) was courtesy of Central Arkansas Entertainment.

It was an amazing wedding, and I'm so glad that everyone who could come did. When I get access to more, I'll post more pictures (I know all of you come here to see Reese not me. :D )

As an aside, Reese is seeing a new eye doctor here, one who can deal with it and do the surgeries she needs if she ends up needing them for her glaucoma. Her pressures are up right now, so we're working really hard on doing her eye drops to bring them down. If that doesn't work (and therefore the drops aren't doing their job), we're going to be looking at taking some kind of pill. And then if the pill doesn't work, we're looking at surgery. So we're hoping the drops work and bring it down adequately. Reese is also having a laser treatment done on Friday, January 27. Seeing as I don't live at home right now, and Reese is old enough now to feel self-conscious post-laser, I doubt there will be any pictures of her in recovery-stage. But maybe you can look at older pictures and see how much lightening there is after it has healed.

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Peggy said...

What a beautiful wedding! I admit, I don't come to your blog often enough, but I do try to keep up with it. We adopted our Shanxi Sweetie in September 2011. Congratulations to you and your groom!


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