Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Spring Olympics

These pictures are from May, before Joseph and I went on our honeymoon to Ireland, but I wanted to share them nonetheless. I feel bad for not having blogged more, but Reese is 7, going on 8, and there's just not as much to talk about on a public forum. But I can share some pictures and news.

Pre-op at the hospital for laser, with Dad

This picture is from late April (pre-laser).
She had another laser treatment in early May. 

She still does Irish dance, though she has stopped gymnastics for the summer. She managed to get all of her dances, except traditional set, into novice (the 3rd level) in April, and then she got her traditional set into novice last weekend in Branson. So she is officially good to go to Oireachtas this winter. We also bought her her first solo dress (pictured above) back in April. The white really looks great on her.

This week she's going to a summer camp thing, where she's taking Chinese brushpainting, cross-stitch, yoga, and an arts sampler. She didn't get guitar, which she was kind of sad about, but she's having fun. It's a day camp thing, she goes from like 8 am to noon. It's a good change of pace for her, and she's getting to hang out with other kids her age.

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