Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Another Surgery

Reese has what is called Entropion. Entropion is a medical condition in which the eyelid (usually the lower lid) folds inward. It is very uncomfortable, as the eyelashes constantly rub against the cornea. Entropion is usually caused by genetic factors and may be congenital. It's on her lower eyelid on her right eye (the eye with glaucoma). It could be just congenital or it could have some relation to her eye having been bulging at one point due to the glaucoma. 
Diagram from St. Michael's Eye and Laser Institute

Fact of the matter is, she's having it repaired on August 9. The doctor said it could not cause any problems at all, ever, but the eye is irritated and as you get older, your eyelashes get thicker which can cause that to get more irritating and potentially lead to eye infections (nothing we want). Admittedly, she has little sight in that eye, but we don't want more complications from it either.

They did a bit of a vision test on her today that showed, despite what Reese may tell you she can see, she has light perception and is extremely near-sighted in her right eye. Try near-sighted like can't tell you how many finger are being held up less than a foot away from her face. They patched her good eye, so I figure this is a way more accurate assessment of what she can see than the random covering of her eye that she does at home. Her right eye is also a bit dry so we need to start doing artificial tears in her eye in addition to the Xalatan (1x daily), Betoptic, and Azopt (both 2x daily).

I just wanted to let everyone know what was going on in the world of Reese, as well as for anyone who is experiencing entropion themselves. I'll post more about the surgery and all when it gets to that point.

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