Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Day 2 Together

Post by Cheryl: 
From Monday night (China time) about them going to be at 8 pm ish: "We have a little one who didnt take a nap. And we have been through the wringer by the good news is we all lived through it. She is grinning all the time and has every evidence of being a "hot mess". She makes Reese look like a slug. "

"It is Tuesday afternoon in Yinchuan. Our girl woke up all smiley this morning. She eats well, is not picky, and its probably a good thing we can't understand much I what she says. 

The notice I got says she was abandoned may, 2009. The notice  listing her as abandoned was dated nov 2010. I asked twice why so long between finding and listing. I didn't get a good answer. I am wondering if that question was lost in translation. 

Our guides have been wonderful help. Ana-Cherie is fiercely independent. It will take some time before she realizes we are permanent. She wants to do everything herself, which breaks my heart.
She also will not mind, unless it is something she wants to do. We have our hands full. "

Reese and Hong (Ana-Cherie)
Mom signing paperwork 
Dad and Mom and Reese
Beautiful girl

Mom told me Hong is tiny, she looks bigger in these pictures, but last night when Mom helped her take a bath, they realized how many layer she had on. She had a layer of PJs, then leggings and a tshirt, then the long sleeved ruffled turtleneck, then a corduroy dress, all topped by a jacket. The Chinese know how to layer. Mom said she put on a brave face but then got upset when she realized she had to leave with them. All understandable. She's seen many friends leave and not come back. I have to wonder what she thinks happened to them and if she thinks that going to a family is a good thing. 

Reese did her hair this morning and is reportedly enjoying having a little sister. She was all smiles, shy but adorable, on FaceTime this morning while they were at breakfast (about 6 pm here). Reese reported her trying to eat orange juice with a fork, and she was quite proud that Hong took to her more than Mom or Dad. But given the options (a bald man or a red-headed lady), I can see where Reese would seem the sane option. 

Mom also said that she fits in a 4T right now, but probably won't for long with the way she's eating. She pretty much eats until they have to go do something else and gets cut off. She was in a very good orphanage, but even so, she's probably never had access to so much food of her choosing. It's not an uncommon behavior in institutionalized children. She also let go of Reese's hand today and took off running into a street and was none too pleased when she was caught. I guess basic traffic safety isn't a huge concern in the SWI, but she probably rarely left the complex. 

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