Wednesday, May 23, 2007

15 hours to go.

Or something like that.

We leave at 7:20 in the morning. It is 4:09 pm on the 23rd.

Am I excited? Yes.
Am I nervous? Kinda.
Am I anxious? See previous post.

We're heading out to West Little Rock sometime this evening to pick up a converter thingy for our electronics. Wait, our? HA! Mine. I will be electronics walking. I have my laptop, my digi-camera, a spare battery for said digi-cam (eBay is heaven, people), a 252 mb, 62 mb (from my mom's digi-cam from like my 5th grade year...that died quite we fit anything on that card, I dunno, because it's good for about 20 pictures at 4.1 megapix...and my cam can go up to 5.1), and Dun-Dun-Da-DAAAAAAH! My 1 GB that I talked Mom into purchasing; my iPod...not even China is separating me from my iPod...and my mom is taking my sister's camcorder. Since we don't own one. Thanks, Michelle! Oh, and our cell phones are making the adventure with us.

By Monday, this will all be worth it. All the stress, all the running around in circles, all the demolished Ziploc bags, which apparently despise me. (Monica+Ziploc bags= a negative number of Ziploc bags).

If you think I'm funny now, wait til we hit China. That should be really good.



Heather said...

Have a wonderful trip! And, yes, my daughter is Dang Yi Shan. She has a repaired congenital heart defect. She's got big cheeks, but the rest of her is tiny. She's 15 months old and in the Taiyuan China Care Home (but she may be going to Beijing for a check-up next week).

Bon Voyage!

Annie said...

You are on your way! How exciting. I'll be praying for you and your family. Do post your list of how to keep yourslef entertained on a LONG plane ride, as I will need to know that in (yikes!) less than a month! Oh, and by the way, Reese is cute beyond words. Can't wait to see her in your arms!


Kim said...

Well, you're almost 9 hours into your long flight, with just over 3 hours left until you reach Tokyo! :-) Then another 5 hours, and you'll be in BEIJING!!!!!!
Have a great day touring tomorrow! (Saturday for you!) You'll LOVE it!!!

Keeping you in our prayers!

BTW, spoke to your Baba around 4:20 PM, and he was doing fine. Tomorrow is Charlotte's turn to the "pesty friend". (lol)

Have a GREAT time!

Love ya,
Kim, Bryan, Anna-Marie & Savannah


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