Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Drugs can do great things when used properly...

I am on Ativan now. :) for those who don't know what Ativan is, it is an anti-anxiety med that promptly knocks Monica out. I figure I have 30 minutes tops before I am out like a light.

I am having butterflies, spazzing over the littlest things, I think I've had a semi-asthma attack at least once, or maybe it was hyperventilating, since I have exercise-induced asthma... Anyway, I'm spazzing out over how much luggage we seem to be accumulating to go with us. Know what the root word of luggage is?


Come on, it's not that hard...


That's right, folks, it's 'LUG'. Congratulations, you get a cookie. Yes, I get sarcastic when anxious.

I am really excited about going, but so anxious about the actual traveling part. I don't care about the 2 hour flight from Little Rock to MSP, I don't care about the 12 hour flight from MSP to Tokyo...I don't even care about that last little stretch of about 3 or 4 hours from Tokyo to Beijing...it's the packing that is getting me. THAT is what is spazzing me out. Sad, huh?

I have decided that I fully intend to write a book called 'How to Entertain Yourself on a 12+ Hour Flight'. As I come up with ideas I will write them down in my handy-dandy Buddha notebook Kim bought me like a year ago and then probably post them on here. For my own entertainment as much as anything.

1. Pre-write your blog entries.

Yeah, not really, but hey...it's a start. Right up there with read, poke Mom until she threatens to kill me, stare at the person beside me, and sleep. : )

1 more day...oh God, it's really happening....



Glen said...

Hi Monica, hope you get lots of sleep on the plain. I just notest a friend of mine "Heather" is adopting for the same SWI. if you get to visit maybe yo could meet her daughter. she left a comment on the post, "Bye Bye, Days since LID and Days since PA tickers!" so if you click on her name it will take you to her blog and you can see her daughter there. If you the opportunity It will make her day I know you are a very busy and excited big sister right now. Good luck hope to see you at the airport with your Mei Mei,

Liene said...

Breathe in, breathe out! That's about all you can do. I've talked to people who have BTDT and have emphasized only take what you absolutely need to. You can buy so much there and thank God for laundry service they say. I've heard a few people say, "So who cares if I've worn the same shirt 4 times during my trip. The less I bring with me, the more I can take home!"

You're leaving tomorrow right????

Monica said...

Yeah, I'm trying to pack light. I went through and weedled out about 3 shirts last night, decided I didn't really need them. Good thing is, none of my clothing, meds, etc. is in checked luggage. It's all in my carry-on. And most of our checked luggage will be emptied at the Beijing Airport! Most of it is donations for China Care and they have a representative meeting us there to take away the donations. :) So there's 2 completely blank large suitcases by the time we leave Taiyuan. (The other one is full of donations too, just for the Taiyuan SWI). :)


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