Sunday, May 20, 2007

3 days!

Baby Reese with a China Care volunteer, summer 2005.
Reese and her foster brother...and I think her foster mom, trying to keep them both from falling flat on their faces.

Okay, so we're a few hours off of 3 days. Big deal. We had a Girl's Night Out tonight with some friends from the FCC. It was great fun. That was the first meat I have had in 12 days...and it didn't taste any better than if I'd had some yesterday. So no biggie. I'm giving up my trying-to-become-a-vegetarian status until we get home from China. I just don't want the stress of trying to maintain that while I'm there. I'm gonna eat what I want, when I want, while I'm there. No concerning myself over what it is. If it has eyes, I'm not eating it. I can't even look at frozen fish at the deli if they still have eyes. Makes me want to hurl. Gag. So, yeah. Vegetarianism is out the window for now. But I have proven to myself I can do it and it's not hard. I haven't felt deprived or jealous or anything over other people eating meat. It didn't matter. When we return home, I may or may not pick right back up on it as soon as we get home. But I know I can do it....and I think that's what really makes me happy.

Anyway...back to the Girl's Night Out. It was great. Kim, Jane, Karyn, Barb, Kammy...and I don't know her name, Sorry, were all there and it was so fun to just sit and talk. And if I forgot anyone who was there, I am sorry. I don't think I did but I won't guarantee anything. Mom and I learned so much and it was so fun to just sit and talk to everyone. Everyone's so excited for us. It's so nice, I have to say. After everyone left, I think Kim, Mom, and I sat outside for an hour or so just talking...about China, adoption, stuff going on in our lives right now...all kinds of stuff. And it just occurred to me that I forgot to take Kim that book. Darn.

Keep a good eye on this blog while we're in China, because I'll be updating it as much as possible. I hope to start updating in Minneapolis/St. Paul International Airport... And I really hope to update in Tokyo too, but that may not happen. But if it doesn't, I'll take pictures and do a delayed post. I'm going to Japan! *squeee*. Okay, so it's only the airport, but still...that's still Japan, in my book.
The point is, I will be updating as much as I can. This is an important part of Reese's life I want chronicled...even if it means I have to print all this off and bind it at some point. :)

Okay, will post more when there's actually things to post.

Jie Jie to Reese and lover of rubber duckies...

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