Monday, May 21, 2007

Bye Bye, Days since LID and Days since PA tickers!

I'm removing 2 of my tickers now (will be 3 when 'days til we go to China' hits 0). This will be the final count when we head to China:

4 months and 2 weeks since our LID to the day we travel.

11 months, 1 week, and 5 days since Pre-Approval for our adoption of Reese on the day we travel.

I just wanted to have some record of that without having the tickers up taking space.


Heather said...

Have a safe and wonderful trip to China! I can't wait to follow your journey. My daughter, Claire Yi Shan, is waiting for us in the Taiyuan China Care home so if you see her, please give her a kiss from me!

Anonymous said...

If you were logged-in over four months ago for Reese then why did it take this long to get your LOA and TA? Just curious how long the SN process is running because we are considering filling out a SN request form. That way if a SN child ever pops up on our agencies list then we will already be approved to adopt SN. Thanks for any info....


Monica said...

Dear Sharon,

On average it takes about 4-6 months right now going special needs. We received our PA June 12, 2006 for Reese and the paperwork...oh that was interesting...anyway, we were DTC December 29,2006 and LID was January 10, 2007. We waited...and waited...and waited...and on April 13th we sent our LOA back to China (we actually received it on the 4th, but we were going on a trip and weren't there to fill it out and return it the next day). The 26th of April we got our TA, on the 27th we had our CA. Some people are waiting for LOA into the 140-day range, there's really no telling. But it is indefinitely faster than NSN.


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