Monday, May 28, 2007


Wal-Mart in Taiyuan

On the way back to the hotel from Wal-Mart


She has this whole yogurt box thing down.

Isn't she adorable?

Not long after we got back to the hotel.

Investigating the new outfit.

At Wal-Mart

The yogurt box of wonder.

Another shot of the yogurt box at Wal-Mart. She couldn't even wait til we were out of the store to start on that box.
We went to Wal-Mart and it was quite entertaining. Reese has calmed down significantly, and is actually turning to us for comfort to some degree. We think the elevator kinda freaks her out, because she always has to hold my or Mom's hand to go in or one of us carry her. We found out her favorite drink is this yogurt thing in a juice box that is a mix of yogurt, water, and some sugar...and she is chugging it. She is quite happy that she has it. Right now, she is sucking down a blueberry flavored one. She gnaws on the straw. It's funny.
She is potty-trained. In our room, if she needs to go, she gets one of our attention (usually mom's) and starts walking to the bathroom. She told our guide she needed to go in Wal-Mart and so they ran to the bathroom, which is outside of Wal-Mart (Mom, Michelle, and Reese KaiJin) while I stuck around with the buggy. She is potty-trained. She also speaks Chinese fairly well, or at least our guide understands her and I do to some degree.
She likes bananas, dumplings (jiao zi), and suckers...and these yogurt things. She also apparently likes rubber We almost bought her some but when we got to the cash register, there was no bar code so we put it up.
She is so tiny, it seems. We weighed her as best as we could on the bathroom scale and it came to 10 kilograms, or about 22 lbs. So she is actually tiny. She wears a 24 least she can wear the outfit we put on her. She wasn't really happy about us changing her clothes.
She has the birthmark on her face and it is all down the side and back of her legs, kinda dark. They're obviously never done a treatment on it. She's absolutely precious and is already turning to us for love and help. Tonight will be the real test because our travel buddies who got their boy from Jiangxi last night (he's 6, they call him Rui). He cried himself to sleep. Poor kiddo.

Oh, and Paula, she can fit in those Crocs. Not 30 minutes after we got back to the hotel she wandered over to where they were (we had taken off her sandals she came in to try to get her to sleep) and was trying to put them on. She was motioning at us and I went over there and she wanted the Crocs, and they are a perfect fit. She loves them.

Even the smallest panties we have look huge, they're a 2T, not at 2T-3T, and they're still big. She came to us with no panties...soo....

She's actually smiling some now too. We got some dimples a minute ago. And I can never get the camera out fast enough for that short seconds of smile. They'll get longer though.

We bought her squeaky shoes and she's standing there stamping her foot making it squeak.


Glen said...

Oh monica ,I know you guys are thrilled to finly be united with her for ever. I know you guys are busy, so Thanks for the update. Glen

Maura's 玠玠 said...

Oh she is beautiful! Thanks for all of the pictures!

AnnaClaire's Jie Jie said...

Thanks for the updates!! She is such a cutie pie! AC loves her Crocs, too! She always trys to put them on (over her pjs!) and walks around all the time with them. So glad Reese is doing well. I'm enjoying your updates!!! Reese is GORGEOUS!


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