Sunday, May 27, 2007

We got her!

Right after they came in.

Our guide, Michelle, trying to get Kai Jin to calm down.

Still trying to get her to calm down.

Reese KaiJin quite thoroughly unhappy.

On one of our beds at the hotel with her sucker and cheerios...and cell phone. LOL
We have a precious little girl! She was SOOOO upset. She was screaming and yelling and crying for her foster mama. She cried herself to sleep in our guide's lap. It was so sweet. Mom keeps going 'you did that when you were little'. She is so upset. But she's calming down now. She's got her cell phone, her green apple sucker, and a big ziploc bag of Cheerios...and she is at least content, sort of.

The director of the orphanage said she is very naughty. Oh well, she's still precious.

They were late to get there, and so mom and I were like pacing the office. But all's well that ends well. Our guide says she was worried she would shut down and not let the stress, etc. out and that's not good for kids, but man, she cried her lungs out. Michelle says tomorrow we will have a completely different little girl probably. Also, she NEVER sleeps alone, so she'll be sleeping with one of us tonight. I hope me. She's never had a jie jie before, but she has had Mamas. So who knows?

I hate to say I didn't take a bazillion pictures. We were too busy trying to get her to stop screaming. We found out that this province only does about 1 adoption a month. So we're a real novelty here. :)


Sarah Lu's Jie Jie said...

Congratulations!!! Finally you have her in your arms forever!!!! She is beautiful!!!! Sarah Lu had a pretty hard adjustment too...She didn't want us for the first few days. But, it does get better! Once we were in Guangzhou she was wanting us and once we came home, she was completely different, now we are in the "Only Mommy!" stage. I am SOO happy for you! Reese is beautiful and I know you love your mei mei so much!! :)

Maura's 玠玠 said...

Congratulations! Reese is just beautiful. I am so happy that you finally have her! CONGRATULATIONS!


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