Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Video 3

Just thought I'd mention: she LOVES bananas, and, apparently, raisins, since I was eating some, fed her some and she stole the box and has now been eating them like crazy. She also, as already said, LOVES her dumplings (we're gonna have to figure out how to make them) and rice noodles. And onions, like leeks, etc. Not the chunks of them in like soup, etc., like little strips. Like leeks. Her favorite word is 'meow'. She can say a few words in English: meow, no, okay, bye bye, Monica...I think that's all. She understands a lot more English than she can say. Mom asked her if she wanted a banana earlier and we got a fervent nod. Baby cookies are a favorite too.

Tips for China:
Baby cookies, baby cookies, cheerios, cheerios (we have honey nut, she LOVES)
Ziploc bags. She likes to play with them, zip them and turn it upside down because the stuff doesn't fall out.
If you don't usually drink straight water, bring some individual powdered flavoring. I bought some Tang individuals at Wal-Mart. Reese and I love them.

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