Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Children's Park In Taiyuan

Reese looking at the flowers at the park

The kids at the park

Reese last night before bed.

Little ham-chop.

All of us at the Children's Park. Michelle took this.

Entrance to the Children's Park

Bridge at the park

Prior to 1947 or 1949, this was the high school in Taiyuan.

Kids from the nearby kindergarten.

We went to a children's park today. It was very pretty. Reese wasn't really awake (or happy) enough to enjoy it. There was a kindergarten there playing and all the kids were so cute.

Right now, we are sitting in our room at the Shanxi Grand (2614), waiting for it to rain. The weather channel's website said there was an 80% chance this afternoon and a 90% chance it should rain. Jin Jin (pro. Jean-Jean) is bouncing off the walls (like usual when she's in a good mood). I'm beginning to wonder if maybe instead of painting her room, we should've padded it with the way she hops around. She's so cute.

She's very good with her eye drops. It's obvious she doesn't like it, but she doesn't fight you to put them in. She lays down and lets you put them in. Then, apparently, her foster family has trained her to keep her eye shut for a while so the drops stay in. Most of the time she does keep it shut.

Room service here is dirt cheap, so we take advantage of it. Monica loves her rice and they have rice so Monica's happy. LOL. If you come here, get the fried pork with Jing sauce. It is soooo good. You can't get it in the hotel. You have to go to one of the restaurants. The one that doesn't have an English menu has it and it's good.

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